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Submit Film / Series 

To submit your film or series for consideration, please submit the form below with the following:

  • Your Name 

  • Contact Information

  • IMDB Link to Film

  • Screener Link (must have a link to the full film or series episode for consideration. If you do not have a screener available, email us at and we can provide you with a secure upload link) If your film is in post and a screener is not available please send a trailer or teaser link.

  • Screener Password (if needed)

You can also email with the information above for consideration. 

Note: If your film or series is freely available or has been previously exploited on Amazon, iTunes, etc. we cannot accept it for distribution.

We are not currently accepting short film submissions at this time. 

Submit Film or Series

While we do our best to respond to every distribution inquiry, due to the volume of submissions, this becomes impossible at times. If your film, series, or short is chosen for potential distribution, you will hear from us within 14 days. 

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