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Director:  Sheona McDonald

Screenwriter:  Sheona McDonald

Genre:  Documentary, Adult

Cast: Candida Royalle


Synopsis: Candida Royalle, known to many as the "Godmother of Feminist Porn," was a famous adult film star at the height of the sexual revolution. However, it was her work behind the camera that pioneered a new movement inviting women to share and celebrate their sexuality proudly. By choosing to focus on the woman's pleasure, she flipped the dialogue from the male gaze and encouraged females to be sex-positive. 


In Candice, director Sheona McDonald goes beyond the headlines to craft a layered portrait of the woman behind the icon. Through intimate conversations, in true cinema verité style, McDonald portrays Candice as a prolific filmmaker, entrepreneur, and advocate for women’s rights and, ultimately, a woman coming to terms with a tumultuous personal life. Candice is a tribute to a resilient woman who unapologetically carved her own path.

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