Act One - The Beginning

Founded in 2019 by Independent Filmmakers, Mbur Films is leading the Indie Film World into a new era of distribution where New and Old Media combine to reach audiences in the Internet age.


We are blazing new trails of Modern Media Distribution- reaching over 1,000,000 online users through strategic partnerships with Online Content Creators, Influencers, and Reviewers. 

Mbur Films has created an innovative and aggressive distribution platform for Indie Filmmakers and along with our best-in-class marketing techniques, we maximize the potential reach of each project under our umbrella. 

Mbur Films is a Filmmaker-centric Indie Film Distribution company that takes a holistic view of your film. From festival consultation to a personalized marketing and distribution plan for your film or series; Mbur Films' primary goal is for your film to reach the widest audience possible. ​

Great art deserve to be seen. Don't have your film or series thrown onto a digital platform and forgotten. Mbur Films aggressively promotes all of our projects as if they are our own. 


Act Two - The Process
Act Three - The Conclusion
Act Four - The Selection

Mbur Films works with Filmmakers and Producers with a unique voice. 

We do not take everything that comes in the door like some Independent Distribution Companies. Our acceptance rate on new projects ranges from 4% to 7%. 

Our selection criteria is simple: 

Films and series that have compelling stories, engaging characters, and evoke emotion are the hallmarks of projects distributed by Mbur Films. 

We look forward to being your distribution partner and would love to view a screener of your film or series episode. Click here for details on submission. 

Meet the Team


Bradley Coburn

Principal - Acquisitions


Sam Goldowitz

Marketing & Creative Director


Meghan Pezzano

Partner Relationship Manager


Ken Kitchen

Director of Sales



Rose Adams

Content Lead


Gregory Mark

Technical Director

"There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness."

– Frank Capra