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Mbur Films is acquiring projects that showcase great characters, compelling storytelling, and create a lasting emotional impact.

We are looking to work with filmmakers who have a unique vision.

  • 150+ Digital Channels

  • Worldwide Distribution

  • TV, Theatrical, and Non-theatrical

Each film, series, and short will receive a personalized distribution plan to gain the maximum audience and revenue for each project.

  • 1,000,000+ Online User Reach

Mbur Films utilizes our partnerships with New Media creators and platforms for maximum target audience exposure. 

Sizzle Reel

Mbur Launches Indie Aggregation Beta
Mbur Films, a Burbank, CA media distribution company, has launched signups for their Mbur Indie Film Aggregation Beta Program which will give Indie Filmmakers access to iTunes, Google Play, and Microsoft at discounted rates over traditional aggregation services. Read more or sign up at:

Mbur Films Acquisitions
Mbur Films, a Burbank, CA media distribution company, has acquired the rights to distribute Six Days of Sistine, an ethereal romance film by Director Richard Perry, starring Jamie Campbell Bower and Elarica Johnson and the US rights to Mont Foster, a dark drama starring Turbo Kid's Laurence Leboeuf.

Festival Partnerships
Mbur Films is proud to announce partnerships with Monsterflix Awards and Kismet Virtual Film Festival. Read more about these festivals at the links below:

Kismet Virtual Film Festival

Monsterflix Awards

Mbur Films Social Reach Surpasses One Million
Mbur Films is proud to announce a milestone in their Online Social Reach. Through strategic digital partnerships with Social Media Content Partners, Mbur Films has surpassed the 1,000,000 Online User Reach mark.


Interview with J. Horton

Mbur Films Head of Acquisitions, BradIey Coburn, sits down with J. Horton for a discussion on Indie Film Distribution and Marketing.

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Festival Partners



Mbur Films is an amazing Internet-based media distribution company headquartered in Burbank, CA.

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