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Horror, Thriller
Beyond the headlines and behind the shadows, CANDICE is an intimate portrait of the woman behind the porn star and pioneering feminist pornographer, Candida Royalle.

Documentary, Biopic

In a chance encounter Jean-Baptiste meets and falls for Sistine. Neither can speak a mutual language but instead they find love with one another through spirit, touch and feeling. When Sistine and Jean-Baptiste venture through East London and the vibrancy of the Brick Lane markets it becomes apparent that Sistine needs to head to Bath, Somerset to confront an issue she ran away from.

Drama, Romance, Arthouse

Fiona Shaw (Aunt Petunia in the HARRY POTTER films) stars in this crime drama, based on real events. After a police investigation, a young mother, confused and scared, confesses to a crime she did not commit and is charged with murder.

Drama, Crime

Red Balls of Fire
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